• McNamara Agribusiness Management & Finance


    McNamara Agribusiness is committed to ensuring that you have the best financial facilities to suit your business. We provide credit and financial guidance to farmers and businesses in rural Australia.

    McNamara Agribusiness uses its extensive rural and banking industry knowledge and expertise to evaluate your current facilities to ensure that you receive the best and fairest deal for your needs. We can also assist with your Annual Review for the Bank.

    McNamara Agribusiness places great importance on interpersonal relationships with clients. We help young producers to get started as well as those who are established become more successful over time with our expert guidance.

    Have you ever wondered how much your finance is costing you? Is it right for you? Could you be saving money that's going to the bank and putting it back into your operation instead? Don't hesitate to ask us. We'll look at your structure for you - completely obligation free.

  • Intermediary Services / Succession Planning

    Intermediary Services

    In some cases, an intermediary is required to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for all parties. This will minimise the emotional interaction often experienced, which can obscure the best plan of action for all parties. Because Barry has experience from the perspective of both the producer and the lender, he can offer balanced and practical input into what can be very difficult situations. An intermediary can be useful in negotiating in many of the financial dealings undertaken by clients.

    McNamara Agribusiness Management & Finance
    McNamara Agribusiness Management & Finance

    Succession Planning

    McNamara Agribusiness builds a strategy for the client to ensure that their business gets passed on to the next generation in an orderly manner. Farming families have recognized the need to plan the transfer of property and assets to the next generation before death, injury or divorce makes the decision for them. McNamara Agribusiness will help families with the initial discussions for succession planning which aims to remove internal communication barriers and conflict. The process of transferring management and ownership of land is complex and each situation is different, so what works for one family need not work for another. McNamara promises to create custom made solutions to each situation. We will then present a report which you can pass on to your accountant and/or solicitor to ensure that all legal obligations are met. The time to start this planning is now and should not be left until it is too late.

  • McNamara Agribusiness Management & Finance

    Business Planning / Benchmarking

    Business Planning

    Business plans are essential for a successful business.

    Business plans made by McNamara Agribusiness look at rural properties and at the same time evaluates a clients potential in other areas eg the purchase of off farm investments etc. These business plans are monitored at each bank review or at the frequency wished by the client to ensure that they are current and meet all the needs of the client.

    A well thought out business plan needs to cover the following-

    • The market.
    • Market segmentation.
    • Consumer analysis.
    • Competition.
    • Product features and benefits.
    • Competitive analysis.
    • Positioning.
    • Advertising and promotion.
    • Sales.
    • Research and development.
    • Operations.
    • People.
    • Payback
    • Exit Plan

    McNamara Agribusiness offers a business plan that is geared towards creating a solid business strategy where the market, the industry, customers and competitors are all taken into consideration. The second half of the business plan is where the client has to implement the business plan and McNamara Agribusiness offers to guide them every step of the way.